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Sepanta is a design house, focusing on conceptualization and realization of spaces and buildings that are beyond typologies and scale. we are glad to offer design services for all aspects of a built-space; from its architectural planning, to its interior design and its loose or integrated furniture.

Architecture isn’t merely creation of buildings for us. It is creation of A living space, working environment, educational forms and it is art. We take pride and challenge ourselves in each project to deliver something unique that will make a memorable and positive impact on its users.

As a community of architect-designers, we desire nothing but to create beauty in the world; whether in the shape of architecture, jewellery, furniture or artworks. This is a shared desire among all Sepanta family, and the one that we would like to transfer to our creations with the help of our clients who share the same aspiration.

With Over 15 years’ experience, Reza Esmaeeli heads Sepanta’s architectural department. Since 2001, he has lead the design of a various architectural, interior design and urban research projects in Zaha Hadid Architects and Khesht AC. Reza’s architectural design and research work has been published in Archdaily, Wired, Furnime, e-architect, Dezeen, Designboom and etc, as well as in Masterplanning the Adaptive City and DRL X publications.

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We see the interiors of a space as a reflection of its exterior and vice versa. When we design interiors of a space, we would like to imagine and shape the space as a whole, including its dimensions, feeling, texture, form, colours and materials; from the lines of the tiles, to the artwork on the wall. Every detail matters, and a space can’t be defined and designed if not in 3 Dimentions; just how we live in it.

Sepanta team’s vast experience of interior spaces includes residential, hotel and office spaces, as well as fairs and events. Our interiors team is headed by Reza Esmaeeli & Laura Micalizzi.

Laura Micalizzi, graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in 2004 and completed an MSc Degree in Industrial Design. Her experience includes working with choreographer Angelo Jelmini at AAAHHHAAA Studio in Milan, and clients such as Missoni and Vanity Fair. In London, she worked with Data Nature Associates and collaborated at the development of a range of boutiques for shoe designer Manolo Blahnik. She also worked for Imagination, delivering a number of events and projects for stands in Geneva, Paris and Detroit. She collaborated with Zaha Hadid Architects in 2015-16, where she was the lead interior designer for Zaha’s Opus Tower project.

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