Sepanta's Mission

Sepanta is a design house, focusing on conceptualization and realization of buildings, spaces, jewellery and artworks.

Missioned to explore and expand the territory of progressive contemporary design, we desire nothing but to create beauty in the world; whether in the shape of architecture, or jewellery, or furniture or paintings. This is a shared desire among all Sepanta family, and the one that we would like to transfer to our buildings with the help of our clients who share the same aspiration.

Sepanta Architecture offers design services for all aspects of a built-space; from its architectural planning, to its interior design and its loose or integrated furniture. Architecture isn’t merely creation of buildings for us. It is creation of human space, living and working environment, influential and educational forms and art. We take pride and challenge ourselves in each project to deliver something unique that will make a memorable and positive impact on its users in its long life.

A fusion between art and luxury, Sepanta Jewellery fuses avant-garde contemporary designs with ancient motifs and patterns derived from numerous cultures across the world to create its bold collections of fine jewellery. Sepanta Jewellery is a member of National Association of Jewellers in the UK.




Reza Esmaeeli is an Architect currently practicing in London. Since 2001, Reza has lead the design of a variety of architectural, interior design and urban research projects, as well as fine jewellery collections in Zaha Hadid, Khesht AC and Sepanta Design. His design and research work has been published in Archdaily, Wired, Furnime, e-architect, Dezeen, Designboom and etc magazines as well as in Masterplanning the Adaptive City and DRL X publications.

Reza began his architectural career in Tehran and was head of atelier in Khesht AC for two years. He joined the Zaha Hadid studio in London in 2008 where he acted as the Project Architect for large-scale projects such as 95,000m² Beko mixed-use & Residential Complex in the Serbian capital, Belgrade, and the Opus Boutique Hotel in Dubai, UAE. Other projects include the Eleftheria Square in Nico­sia, Cyprus, Dominion Tower in Moscow, Russia, the Darat-Al-Funun Gallery in Amman, Jordan and the Phi Office Tower in Dubai, U.A.E.

He led the design team in prestigious architectural design competitions such as the Belvedere Hotel in Dubrovnik, Croatia and Wuhan Garden Expo in Wuhan, China. He was also involved in other design competitions such as Daily Newspaper Headquarters in Guangzhou, China, Federal National Council in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, and KARO Master Plan in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Reza founded Sepanta Jewellery Design in 2015, with the ambition of redefining the aesthetics of fine jewellery design in Britain.


Reza Esmaeeli


Yevgeniya Pozigun


Yevgeniya started her career in Ukraine where she graduated with BA and MA degrees in Architecture and Urban Planning, and worked at an architectural studio in Odessa. In 2007 her passion for innovative architecture and the desire to participate in pioneering projects led her to London. She resumed her architectural career at a high-profile design-lead office, Zaha Hadid, after graduating with MArch Degree from the Architectural Association in London.

Yevgeniya’s decade-long journey in the field of architecture, covers various areas of architectural design from small-scale residential projects to high-profile large-scale projects in North Africa, China and Middle East. Cultural Facilities became her expertise and during the last five years she worked on a number of projects such as competitions for the Dance and Music Centre, Netherlands and Jiangsu Grand Theatre, China and projects of Chengdu Performing Arts Centre, China and Rabat Grand Theatre, Morocco.

An Architect by trade, Yevgeniya has always been inspired by history and nature in her work. Travelling is another source of inspiration for her. While visiting the Middle East in 2014, she became captivated by the richness of ornate Persian motifs. This interest led to the design of Sepanta’s first Luxury Jewellery collection, Parria, which was inspired by Persian carpet motifs. Yevgeniya Pozigun is the co-founder and creative director of Sepanta Design.


Yevgeniya Pozigun


Laura Micalizzi


Laura Micalizzi is an Interior Designer currently freelancing for a number of agencies and artists in London.

Laura graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in 2004 completing an MSc Degree in Industrial Design. She Joined the choreographer Angelo Jelmini at AAAHHHAAA Studio in Milan designing Fashion Shows and Events for clients such as Missoni and Vanity Fair. In 2006 Laura moved to London where she joined Data Nature Associates and collaborated at the development of a range of boutiques for shoe designer Manolo Blahnik.

In London, Laura also worked for Imagination, one of the most established Event and Design Agencies. Here, Laura participated at the Ford Global Exhibition Programme delivering a number of events and projects for stands in Geneva, Paris and Detroit. At Imagination she also worked on various bespoke interiors projects for clients such as Asics, Visa and Samsung.

After a year freelancing for brand agencies in Paris, Laura returned to London where she worked for Zaha Hadid Architects on Opus residential and hospitality interiors.

Since 2012, Laura has been freelancing for established brands and artists such as 3M, the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball and for the Japanese artist Mariko Mori.


Laura Micalizzi