by Michail Desyllas

Michail Desyllas creates astonishing series of paintings, inspired by everyday experiences, anatomy, nature and his architectural projects. His limited-edition contemporary digital creations are a perfect match for the avant-garde design style of Sepanta, and we are proud to exhibit and offer them along with other Brand's products and design services.

The current collection is available in 40x40 cm, 60x60cm and 80x80cm format and can be offered to the art lovers and collectors at their own rights; or to those who seek to complement Sepanta's interior design spaces with these one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Senior Designer at Zaha Hadid Architects inLondon, Michail Desyllas holds a Master Degree from Architectural Association School of Architecture, and graduated with a degree in Architecture RIBA I & II from the University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury.

Art, Architecture and Design are fields that I have always been interested in. I started painting from an early age and during my high school years I majored in Art. Drawing, sketching and painting play a very significant role in my life, both professionally and personally... Art continues to dominate my life as a professional Architect. My artworks serve as an inspiration and experimentation for my architectural designs”, says Michail.